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December 10th, 2018

Re: Client Care and Information


It is our pleasure to introduce our Law Firm, G. Prodromou Associates LLC which has been operating in Cyprus since 2008, with Registry of Lawyer’s Companies No.050, of the Cyprus Bar Association.

In our work, we focus on staying current with the legal environment in Cyprus, using knowledge not only from domestic resources but also from abroad as well. We provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience.

Prodromou Associates LLC provides legal services and specialist support across critical areas, such as the Cyprus Citizenship (i.e. European Citizenship), Permanent Residence permits in Cyprus, Wills and Estate, Corporate & Commercial, Accidents & Injuries, Family & Criminal Litigation.

We have a team of lawyers and legal professionals undertaking legal services at the highest professional level, in the following areas:

Cyprus Investment Programme. Granting of European Citizenship to Investors in Cyprus. This is a full citizenship of the EU-member state. This is an investment NOT a donation. The programme currently requires the amount of €2MLN to be invested in Cyprus. Wide choice of investment. The investor should only retain the investment for just 3 years after which is only obliged to maintain in his ownership a residential property of €500,000.00 (plus VAT if any). The investor is able to rent out the privately owned residence.  The citizenship is granted within just a few months. The whole family can obtain the citizenship and also the parents of the Investor, provided they hold a residential property of €500,000.00 (plus VAT if any). Citizenship is transferrable to all descendants. VISA – free travel to over 157 countries worldwide.

Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR). Fast Track procedure – a few months to approval. Total purchase price of real estate property can be as low as €300,000.00 (plus VAT). Residency for the entire family. The PR is permanent and lasts for a lifetime. The PR of the adult children is valid even after they have exceeded the age of 25 years of age. A PR holder can upgrade their PR permit to a long-term status which will enable them to enjoy similar rights to EU citizens, including the ability to work and operate a company. This long-term residency status is available to all non-EU citizens that have legally resided in Cyprus over 5 years. No immovable property tax will be paid by property owners as from January 2017.

Wills and Estate. Probate and estate administration work is often a complex and difficult experience, especially for people who do not reside in Cyprus.  We will be pleased to assist you at any stage through the complicated area of administering the estate and reduce the pressures and worries of being an executor or administrator.  Our team undertakes to deal comprehensively with the process of administering an estate.  This includes establishing the personal representatives’ right to deal with the estate (also known as “Grant of Probate” or “Grant of letters of administration), dealing with the administration of the estate, winding up the estate, settling applicable taxes and distributing the property to the beneficiaries.

We hope that this presentation of our law firm has interested you. Should you have any questions, please contact us. We will be proud if you turn to us with confidence.



Prodromou Associates LLC


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