Private liabilities in Russia exceed 12 trillion roubles

Private liabilities in Russia exceed 12 trillion roubles

The aggregate liabilities of Russian domestic bank clients increased by 13.2% to 12.2 trillion Roubles, the United Credit Bureau (OKB) reported, based on the analysis of loans of 82 million Russian citizens.
Estimates show that the number of new personal loans grew slower than their combined amount.
Thus, over the past year, loans grew by 37% (or by 4.14 trillion Roubles) compared to 2016, while the number of loans only rose by 12% to 34.8 million.

Growth was observed in all segments of the lending market: mortgages, cash loans, car loans and credit cards. At the same time, banks issued most funds in the form of cash loans: almost 3 trillion Roubles, or 33% more than in 2016.
The number of these loans grew by 14% to 24.7 million portfolios.
The total amount of mortgages increased by 42% over the year reaching 1.8 trillion Roubles, while the number of mortgages grew by more than 30% to 959,237 loans.
Car loans for 2017 by 36% over 2017 up to 333.3 billion Roubles. «Car loans returned to the pre-crisis levels, with the share cars bought in credit growing. In 2017, every other car in Russia was purchased with a recourse to car loans,» experts affirm.


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