Russia turns into a big magnet for money

Last month’s data show a sharp increase of interest to the Russian investment assets on the part of the foreign investors, Forbes expert Kenneth Raposa believes.Thus, according to the American analytics firm, which publishes weekly reports on the international cash transactions, last month Russia has outperformed the other emerging markets in terms of portfolio investment, leaving behind China, India, Brazil and Mexico.

According to an expert, the growth of investor attractiveness of Russian securities is due to Russia’s regained status in the O&G field. Aside from that, the world stakeholders keep hopes for a meltdown in the relations between Moscow and Washington. The stable Rouble and low inflation rate add to Russia’s attractiveness as a partner.

«If you forget about politics, the progress made on economically is evident. This is what made Russia a magnet for money over last month,» Kenneth Raposa sums up.

Source : Forbes

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